Walking/outdoor routes

Outdoor routes in Kuopio

The outdoor and hiking routes located in Kuopio pass through beautiful and varying terrain. The city has hundreds of kilometres of routes suitable for exercise. The outdoor routes include maintained routes in both nature and urban areas. You are sure to find an outdoor or walking route near you, and will spend time exercising and enjoying the outdoor air in no time!

During the winter, many of the outdoor routes serve as latujen a base for cross-country skiing trails. In addition to the outdoor routes, Kuopio also has up to 80 km or narrower nature trails, that include guide signs providing information about the surrounding nature. Don’t forget the campfire sites ja laavut along the trails, which serve as a great place for taking a break during your hike.

See below for more information about the outdoor routes. Click on the names of the routes to see where they are located.

Outdoor routes in Kuopio

The museums of the City of Kuopio organise enjoyable excursions and learning environments. Play their games when walking around Kuopio and learn more about the city. Find out about the available mobile games here >> The Old Kuopio Museum website and mobile games

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