Snowmobile route

Snowmobile routes in Kuopio

“Those enthusiastic about snowmobile sports have access to an extensive network of snowmobile routes in the North Savo and Kuopio region.

The routes extend from the Kuopio urban area to Tervo, Pielavesi, Lapinlahti, Kaavi, Leppävirta and Suonenjoki. The Tahko environment has well-maintained routes. The routes have been marked appropriately on the terrain and resting places are located at suitable intervals for taking a break and even spending the night.

Most of the snowmobile routes are used based on an agreement between the landowner and the city, which means that they can be used freely and free of charge. Kuopio also has routes maintained by snowmobile clubs which are subject to a charge

Entrepreneurs from Kuopio, Tahko and local area organise snowmobile tours of varying length and level.

For more information about the snowmobile routes, click on the route names below.

Retkikartta service enables you to examine the camping services provided by Finland’s municipalities and Metsähallitus. The map is also accessible by mobile devices.”

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