Nature trail

Nature trails in Kuopio

“The nature trails in Kuopio invite you to go for a forest hike!

Kuopio has an extensive nature trail network, which makes it easy for you to spend time in nature and setting your mind at ease in the most beautiful landscapes and forests. The nature trails are fairly narrow paths with guide signs providing information about the surrounding nature. Spend time in the local forests alone or take a friend with you!

Kuopio as a lot of nature trails with guide signs. You can find traditional nature trails in Puijo, Kolmisoppi-Neulamäki, Katiskaniemi and Halmejoki. The tree species trail in the Karhonsaari island includes information about the different trees and bushes along the trail, while the culture trail in Haminalahti will familiarise visitors with the landscapes immortalized in paintings by the von Wright brothers.
All of the trails have been marked in the terrain with painted markings and signs.

Wider and maintained walking and outdoor trails have been listed in a separate section, as are longer hiking trails. Visitors have access to plenty of campfire sites and lean-tos, which are also presented in more detail on separate pages. Also read about bird watching and observation towers, which provide an amazing view to the surrounding nature.

Below is a list of the nature trails located in Kuopio. Click on the name of the trail to check its location and possible further information.”

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