Lodges and cabins in Kuopio

“The lodges and cabins in Kuopio serve as places of rest or spending the night for campers and others spending time outdoors. The lodges are mainly located in the islands of the Kuopio region.

See a list of the lodges below. Click on lodge names to see where they are located and what equipment is available there.

The Retkikartta service also enables you to examine the camping services provided by Finland’s municipalities and Metsähallitus. The map is also accessible by mobile devices.”

Contact information

“If you see something missing or wrong in the lodges, contact

Armas Lahtinen
+358 (0)400 876 945

Auvo Lempinen
+358 (0)400 876 943”

Checklist for lodge users

  • Fishing huts and lean-tos are open for all and meant for temporary use by anyone spending time on water and in nature (max. 1-3 days at a time)
  • Those arriving first must make room for those arriving later
  • Make sure the next person spending time at the hut or lean-to has dry firewood
  • Clean after yourself and make sure to dispose of any waste as appropriate
  • Each hut and lean-to has a guest book where you can write messages to those responsible for maintaining the sites. Use it and have your say!

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