Lean-to, hut or kammi shelter

Lean-tos in Kuopio

“The lean-tos (laavu in Finnish) located in Kuopio are available for hikers and campers around the region. Eat a packed meal or even spend the night outdoors at a lean-to!

The lean-tos located in the Kuopio region are listed on the bottom of this page. Find out the locations and equipment available at the lean-tos on the pages dedicated to them.

In addition to the lean-tos, you can take a break at campfire sites and other places where you can build a fire, which have been listed on a separate page.

Retkikartta service enables you to examine the camping services provided by Finland’s municipalities and Metsähallitus. The map is also accessible by mobile devices.”

Accessible nature sites in Kuopio

“Accessible nature sites in Kuopio include the Suovunkoski lean-to, the Haminalahti lean-to located where the culture trail starts and the Summa pond barbeque awning. These sites can be reached by car and the terrain is flat. An accessible outhouse is located near the sites.

Nature sites that can be reached with a wheelchair accessible taxi or a vehicle with a disabled parking permit include thePuijonnokko lean-to, Nurmisaari barbeque awning and Pölhönsaari barbeque awning. Those driving to Pölhönsaari need a key to a barrier located near the site. Borrow the key at the council office building (Valtuustotalo, Suokatu 42). The terrain of these sites is flat, but the road to the site is steep.. An accessible outhouse is located at the sites.”

Checklist for lean-to users

  • Fishing huts and lean-tos are places where you can freely take a break. They are meant for temporary use by anyone spending time on water and in nature (max. 1-3 days at a time)
  • Those arriving first must make room for those arriving later
  • Make sure the next person spending time at the hut or lean-to has dry firewood
  • Clean after yourself and make sure to dispose of any waste as appropriate
  • Each hut and lean-to has a guest book where you can write messages to those responsible for maintaining the sites. Use it and have your say!

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