Ice skating rink

Outdoor ice skating rinks in Kuopio

“The outdoor ice skating rinks in Kuopio are often located in schoolyards and local sports areas. The ice skating rinks are located around the city. Unlike ice hockey rinks, you cannot reserve the outdoor ice skating rinks – instead, they are freely available for everyone.

Lippumäki, Kuopionlahti, Kuopio Football Stadium, Koulupuisto have reserved separate areas for ice hockey players and ice skaters. The Karttula ice skating tracks and ice rinks are located in the village centre and the Kemppaanmäki and Pihkainmäki schools. The Tahkovuori local sports area in Nilsiä has an ice skating rink.

The ice skating rinks are specially frozen fields that do not have outer edges. In addition to these outdoor rinks, Kuopio has a lot of rinks with edges suitable for both ice skating and ice hockey. See a list of the ice rinks in the ice hockey rink section. More information also in the Excercise and outdoor activities section.

During the ice skating season, the locker rooms located next to the rinks and other skating areas are available and open every day at 8–21 o’clock.

See the outdoor ice skating rink locations on the pages dedicated to them below.”

Finland Ice Marathon

“One of Kuopio’s most visible ice skating rinks is the Finland Ice Marathon track on the frozen Lake Kallavesi. While the track is open for all, it is intended for competitive purposes only during the Finland Ice Marathon event.

The track follows the shoreline and its different routes are between a few kilometres to over ten kilometres long. The track passes through Kuopio passenger port and around Väinölänniemi. During Finland Ice Marathon in early spring, all school pupils from Kuopio also ice skate on the track.

Topical information is available on the Finland Ice Marathon event website.”

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