Väinölänniemi stadium

Väinölänniemi stadium

The Väinölänniemi stadium and football pitch are mainly used for training, matches and competitions. The stadium can seat 2000 people.

Numerous significant track and field events have taken place at the stadium, and the Kuopion Palloseura football club (KUPS) played its home matches at the venue from the 1930s until 2005.


Väinölänniemi – also known as Vänäri

There are also volleyball, basketball and tennis courts (synthetic courts) in the Väinölänniemi area, near the stadium. The area also has a public beach and two swimming sites, and lots of beautiful shoreline and park area for those wishing to go for a walk or run or enjoy the outdoors. During winters, ski tracks and ice skating track on ice go round the cape. Read more about them at the outdoor sports venues webpage!

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Address: Väinölänniemi 79
City: Kuopio
ZIP code: 70100
Postal address: KUOPIO

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Name: Väinölänniemen stadion
Phonenumber: 017 182550