Väinölänniemi tennis court area

Väinölänniemi tennis courts


The Väinölänniemi tennis court area includes 6 courts with a synthetic surface material. Locker rooms and toilets are available near the courts. The kiosk café located at the Väinölänniemi public beach is also close.

Booking the courts

The courts are closed for the winter season.

You can book individua slots on weekdays at 8:00-20:00 o’clock
and on weekends between 9:00 and 18:00 at the control room
or by telephone at: +358 (0)44 718 1583.

Up-to-date booking calendar
You can browse open/booked slots in the calendar, but cannot register or book the field in the system.

If you would like to book a weekly slot, you must contact the facility booking services:
Facility booking services
+358 (0)17 182 550



Address: Väinölänniemi 26
City: Kuopio
ZIP code: 70100
Postal address: Kuopio

Contact information

Name: Väinölänniemen tenniskenttäalue
Phonenumber: 017 182 111