Kuntolaakso swimming pool

Kuntolaakso swimming pool
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri at 6-21, cash desk services until 20 o’clock, facilities may be used until 20.30 o’clock

Sat to Sun at 9-19, cash desk services until 18, facilities may be used until 18.30 o’clock

Café Laituri open Mon to Fri at 6-21, Sat to Sun at 9-19

Happenings and exceptional opening hours

Valentine’s day at Kuntolaakso on tuesday 14.2.

Inbody -body composition measurements two people at one price 20€ between 8:00-17:00. Make your appointment by calling 044 718 2523.

Also we provide free aqua training class at 14:00! Get your friend, come and try aqua training together.

Swimming has a normal price.

See a video of the Kuntolaakso swimming pool!

The Kuntolaakso swimming pool is second largest in Finland based on its surface area. Among other things, the new swimming pool includes a 50-metre long 10-lane main pool, a diving pool with a diving tower with platforms suitable for competitive diving, a pool for swimming lessons and young people, a multi-purpose pool, a cold-water pool, a hot tub, and a children’s pool.

You will not run out of activities thanks to the massaging showers, an aromatic sauna, body composition analysis, jumping platforms and virtual water aerobics equipment. Every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, you will also get to have fun on the Wibit aqua track! Check the opening hours below. A play area in the café make sure that your youngest family members will enjoy their time at the venue also outside the pools.

Make sure you take your own sauna seat cover with you to the swimming pool! You can also buy a seat cover at the café.

The venue has two gyms. In addition to standard stack gym machines, the upstairs gym has a squatting area, exercise bikes and cross trainers and a group exercise space next to the gym. The downstairs gym is more focused on free weight workouts, and the space has enough squatting areas and dumbbells for lots of visitors.

Please, see here for instruction videos for gym equipment!

Rules and regulations of Kuntolaakso swimming pool

You can check lifesavers weekly instructed classes from here!

Opening hours for the jumping platforms and Wibit aquatrack

(Kuntolaakso keeps the rights to change the timetables)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
15:00-15:30 15:00-15:30 15:30-16:00 15:30-15:50 15:30-15:50 11:30-12:00 12:15-12:45
16:45-17:15 16:00-16:20 17:30-18:00 17:45-18:15 17:30-18:00 13:30-14:00 13:15-13:45
18:00-18:20 18:30-19:00 19:30-20:00 14:30-15:00 15:00-15:30

Wibit 17:00-20:30


Wibit 18:00-19:45


Wibit 12:00-15:30


Information about the changes is provided at, e.g. The Kuopio in Motion Instagram account: www.instagram.com/liikkuvakuopio

Price list:

Single entry ticket prices:

For swimming:

  • Adults (over 18 years old) € 6.50
  • discount groups € 4.50
  • under 18 years old € 4.00

For gym and swimming:

Current booking status of the Kuntolaakso facilities:

Pool facilities (diving pool, children’s pool, youth pool)
Big pool
Multi-purpose pool
Other facilities (group exercise facility, meeting room)

Multi-purpose pool is reserved:
Tuesday 12:55-13:40
Saturday 9:00-11:00
Sunday 9:00-11:00
Downstears gym is reserved:

Kuntolaakso´s infant swimming courses, read more from here!

Contact information:

  • Customer service/cash desk, +358 (0)44 718 2522, uimahalli(at)kuopio.fi
  • Lifeguards, + 358 (0)44 718 2523
  • Swimming instruction for comprehensive school pupils, +358 (0)44 718 2527, uimaopettajat(at)kuopio.fi
  • Instructed activities in Kuntolaakso, uimahalli.allas(at)kuopio.fi
  • Swimming lessons for children and adults and competitive swimming: Kuopion Uimaseura – Kuopio swimming club
  • Infant swimming in Kuntolaakso: kuntolaakso@kuopio.fi, +358 (0)44 718 2520

Restaurant and café:

Restaurant Pelimies

Café Laituri

Lost and found practise:

According to the Finnish law 3§ (9.11.2001/966), a lost and found item with less than 20€ of monetary value is being treated as a low-value item. Usage, sentimental and personal value is also estimated. These low-value items are being treated by paragraphs 5, 6 and 26 §. Low-value items are being kept to ensure good customer service in a basket/cabinet available for customers. The cabinet of low-value items will be emptied 5th day of every months  at 18.00 o’clock. Items not retrieved are being destoyed according to the law.
Lost and found items that are valued over 20€ are being held in a locked cabinet. You can ask for these items by phone +358 44 718 2523. This cabinet is also emptied 5th day of every months  at 18.00 o’clock. These items will be delivered to the lost and found service of the local police.


Address: Hannes Kolehmaisen katu 4
City: Kuopio
ZIP code: 70110
Postal address: Kuopio

Contact information

Name: Kuntolaakson uimahalli
Phonenumber: 044 718 2522

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