Nilsiä Sport Hall

Nilsiä Sport Hall


The Nilsiä Sport Hall gymnasium is suitable for playing sports such as volleyball, floorball, badminton and futsal. The Sport Hall also has a gym and gymnastics training facility that you can read more about on pages dedicated to them.

Facilities and equipment

  • Gymnasium size 799 m2, surface material taraflex, can be divided into three sections, height 8 m.
  • Floorball rink, locker rooms (4 rooms + a judges’ locker room). Audience capacity for 300 people.
  • A gymnastics training facility next to the gymnasium, size 85 m2, height 4.5 m. One cushioned landing area.

Information and bookings

+358 (0)17 182 550

Current booking status at Nilsiä Sport Hall
Use the calendar to browse open/booked slots and register and search for open slots (displayed in white).
Instructions on registration and booking slots with the Timmi system.



Address: Matintie 18
City: Kuopio
ZIP code: 73300
Postal address: Nilsiä

Contact information

Name: Nilsiän liikuntatalo
Phonenumber: 017182550

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