Sports grounds for ball games

Sports grounds for ball games in Kuopio

Kuopio region has a lot of sports grounds and pitches suitable for football, baseball and other sports. The city has both natural grass fields and artificial turf fields as well as many gravel fields. For more detailed information about the sports grounds, see below for pages dedicated to them.

You can freely play games in the gravel and artificial turf fields unless they have been booked for other activities. You must book the natural grass field in advance using the facility booking service unless otherwise stated on the field webpage. You can also book the grass and artificial turf fields using the facility booking service.

Find the contact details for making booking below.

Liikuntapalveluiden käyttömaksut_2023 includes information about the prices of the different sports grounds.


“Facility booking services
017 182 550

Use the Timmi booking system to see available slots.
You cannot register in the calendar or book slots on your own.
See the links below for compiled information about grass, artificial turf and gravel field bookings:
natural grass fields | artificial turf fields | gravel fields

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