Vehmeri nature trail

Vehmeri nature trail

Introduced in autumn 2017, the Vehmeri nature trail is the newest hiking trail in Kuopio with the length of 4.3 km.

The trail is located close the Vehmersalmi village centre and is on privately owned land. Based on agreements made with the landowners, the city has constructed a trail in the area, including the required service infrastructure. The trail starts at the parking area of the village graveyard.

The trail passes through forest terrain dominated by pine trees, partly on paths and partly along a road. A just over one-kilometre section of the trail passing through beautiful lakeside scenery from the Vehmersalmi village centre through the Rantarinne road to the Luukaarre lean-to, has been equipped with information boards. The boards provide information about marks made by the Ice Age on the nature, the area’s changing forest nature, and the many critters inhabiting the forest.

The lean-to site includes a woodshed, a waste disposal site, a toilet and an information board. There is a small parking area veery close to the lean-to. Its address is Rahkamäentie 59, 71310 Vehmersalmi.

During winters, the lean-to also serves as a place for rest for cross-country skiers and snowmobile riders.

Information boards with information about the nature along the forest trail (pdf)


Address: Rahkamäentie 59
City: Kuopio
ZIP code: 71310
Postal address: Vehmersalmi

Contact information

Name: Vehmerin luontotaival
Phonenumber: 0800 918 511