The Korkeakoski rapids in Maaninka is a popular place to visit, particularly in the spring as snow melts, which is when the rapids look most impressive.

The Korkeakoski gorge has an around 35-hectare nature conservation area. The steep sides of the gorge create exceptional conditions in the terrain. Korkeakoski is the highest free-flowing rapids in Finland. It is around 36 metres high. The amount of water passing through the rapids varies considerably based on the seasons.

Water flows to the Korkeakoski rapids and Korkeakoskenjoki river from several small lakes, which end at Lake Maaninkajärvi surrounded by steep rock walls in Tuovilanlahti.

In the address Korkeakoskentie 111, next to the highest point of the rapids, there is an parking area with an information board and a small kiosk café that is open during summers. There is a small, easy to hike trail leading from the parking area to a platform constructed on the upper part of the rapids and the paths in the environment. You can take the stairs from the platform down to the gorge.

A 5.5 km hiking trail, Kanjonin kierros (“Canyon Tour”) also starts near the Korkeakoski rapids.


Address: Korkeakoskentie 111
City: Kuopio
ZIP code: 71775
Postal address: Tuovilanlahti

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Name: Korkeakoski