Kuopio Hall

Kuopio Hall

Kuopio hall is open

  • on weekdays at 7.45-20.00 o’clock (the hall facilities are open until 21 o’clock)
  • on weekends  open at 11.00-19.00 o’clock (hall facilities open until 20)

Please note! Kuopio Hall works as a vaccination center and, is partly out of use until the end of November 2021.


For exercise enthusiasts

Engage in a variety of sports and exercises at Kuopio Hall. In addition to track and field venues, the hall includes different ball game fields, a gym and a gymnastics and dance area. Many clubs organise activities in the hall, and individual local residents can also use the hall’s gym, running track and other track and field venues unless they have been pre-booked or are used for training by athletes. More about prices below Kuopio Hall facilitates accessible physical activity.

Please, see here for instruction videos for gym equipment!

For event organisers

Kuopio Hall has great facilities for organising events such as sports competitions, concerts, fairs and other events. See below for more details about the hall services and contact information for booking the facilities.

Opening hours:

Mon to Fri at 7.45-20.00 (hall facilities can be used until 21 o’clock),

Sat to Sun at 11.00-19.00 o’clock (hall facilities can be used until 20 o’clock)

Please note! Kuopio Hall works as a vaccination center and, is partly out of use until the end of November 2021.

Exceptions to opening hours:
  • Please note! Kuopio Hall works as a vaccination center and, is partly out of use until the end of November 2021.
  • See the TIMMI booking calendar at the bottom of this page for the real-time booking status in the hall. In connection with events organised in the hall, please note that there may also be restrictions to using the venues before and after the events.
  • NB! On weekdays from October to March at 17-19 o’clock, the entire track and field venue has been reserved for the athletes of the Kuopion Reipas association, and no other groups may use the venues at this time.
  • However, the clubs training during pre-booked sessions can book the 3 outermost tracks on the running track before the start of the sessions. Using the tracks is subject to a fee in accordance with the price list.

Price list

Hall fees

Paying the hall fee entitles you to use the track and field venue but does NOT include the gym.
The prices include 10% VAT

  • Single entrance ticket € 6.50 / discount price € 4.50
  • 10-entrance pass € 57.00 / € 39.50
  • 25-entrance pass € 118.50 / € 82.00
  • 50-entrance pass € 189.00 / € 131.00

You must also purchase the Liikkuva Kuopio bracelet the first time you get a series ticket, price € 7.90. The pass service is downloaded on the bracelet

Gym fees

The gym fee entitles you to use the gum for 2,5 hours and to also use the hall’s track and field venues.

The prices include 10% VAT

  • Single entrance ticket €9.50 / discount price €6.50
  • 10-entrance pass €85.00 / €56.50
  • 25-entrance pass €177.50 / €117.50
  • 50-entrance pass €283.50 / €187.50

Did you know? You can also get a day pass or month pass that provides you with access to the services of the sports halls in Kuopio. For more information about sports passes and other sports cards, see the Indoor Sports page.

The discount group includes those under 18 years old, students with a student card, conscripts and non-military servicemen, disabled people, pensioners, disability pension recipients, and unemployed people.

Those aged under 5 have free access to Kuopio Hall when accompanied with a paying adult.

The full Kuopio Hall price list (pdf) also includes use fees per venue, e.g. for sports or commercial use.

The sports hall service and sports pass and card fees (pdf) includes information about other service fees.

Current issues

    • Private sessions in the gymnastics area
      A venue fee of 29.50/h is charged from private individuals. Max. two two-hour slots may be booked by a single person. Cancellations must be made at the latest 7 hours before the booked sessions, after which we will charge the full price for cancelled sessions. For safety reasons, an adult must always supervise the activities in the venue.
    • Meeting room II for organizing birthday parties – you can take your own food and decorations 15 to the space 15 minutes before the booked time if the space is available. The space must be clean/empty by the time of next booked time.
  • ePassi at the sports halls: customers must download the ePassi application on their devices. Pay with an SMS using the ePassi based on the price list provided at the cash desk during the desk’s opening hours. Instructions are provided at the cash desk.
  • Pickleball is a new sport offered in Kuopio Hall (April-October). This is a fun and addictive ball game that combines elements of badminton, table tennis, and tennis. The game is intended for two or four players.

Customer service and bookings

Kuopio Hall customer service
+358 (0)17 182 554

Hall managers
+358 (0)44 718 2553
+358 (0)44 718 1445

Booking calendar

Click on the names of the venues to access an up-to-date booking calendar.

You can browse free slots in the calendar, but you can not book the hall facilities in the system. The slots displayed as white are free.


Information about Kuopio Hall

  • Total floor area 14.000 m2, length 148,5 m, width 95,54 m and indoor height 20.5 m
  • Maximum audience capacity 9000 persons
  • 56-seat cafeteria
  • Performance stage size 140 m2
  • Fixed bleachers with 1,300 seats and additional 1,000 seats in transportable bleachers
  • 150 fair tables and 2,400 transportable chairs
  • Good sound projection in the hall
  • Accessible venues for athletes
  • Meeting room 1 (30-50 people) with a video projector (with personal laptop), CD player and speakers
  • Meeting room 2 (around 20 people) flip chart available as necessary
  • Locker rooms: 4 locker rooms for women and 4 for men, all include showers. Open coat racks in the locker rooms, no separate lockers. Storage lockers are available in the locker room hallways. The small lockers are operated with a 50 cent coin, which you get back. Large lockers are operated with a 20 cent coin, which you will not get back.

Kuopio Hall Cafe

Open on weekdays at 9-18:30 o’clock

See the café website for valid opening hours www.kuopiohallicafe.fi
Open based on a separate schedule during events and weekends.
tel. +358 (0)17 282 8176 or +358 (0)40 505 2228


Address: Opistotie 4
City: Kuopio
ZIP code: 70200
Postal address: Kuopio

Contact information

Name: Kuopio-halli
Phonenumber: 017 182 554