Kotkankallio archery range

Kotkankallio archery range

During the winter season, archery training in Kuopio is focused on the Kotkankallio cave (air-raid shelter).
Entrance through an iron gate to the back of the shelter.

The Puijon Jousi archery club organises activities at the range.

In the summers (from May to September), training occurs in the Puijon sports venue, in a field located in the direction of the city centre from the ski stadium.

Opening hours

Every day at 6-22

Up-to-date booking calendar
You can browse open/booked slots in the calendar, but cannot register or book slots in the system.


Prices inclusive of 10% VAT

  • annual pass, employed adults € 112.10.
  • annual pass, discount groups € 65.70
  • 6-month pass, employed adults € 62.90
  • 6-month pass, discount groups €39.70
  • a season’s pass to the air-raid shelter entitles holders to use the facility for 2.5 hours / each training session

The discount group includes those under 18 years old, students with a student card, conscripts and non-military servicemen, disabled people, pensioners, disability pension recipients, and unemployed people.

  • To access the Kotkankallio and Rajala air-raid shelters, you need a Liikkuva Kuopio-bracelet, which you can redeem at the customer service desk of the Kuopio Hall, Kuntolaakso swimming pool or Lippumäki swimming pool. The first time you redeem the bracelet you must pay a card fee of € 7.90 (incl. VAT 24%).
  • You can also access the Kotkankallio and Rajala air-raid shelters with a Studentia season’s pass.

Activities available at the Kotkankallio air-raid shelter

Information about using the air-raid shelters

  • A gym pass does not entitle you to use the golf training facility in the Rajala shelter.
  • The season’s passes to air-raid shelters do not entitle you to access to the gyms at the sports halls, but you can use the Studentia gym from Mon to Fri at 19–22 o’clock and Sat to Sun at 9–21 o’clock (doors close at 20 o’clock).
  • During winters, we recommend using other gyms as different sports clubs have booked the Kotkankallio facilities from 15:30 o’clock onwards on weekdays and for the whole day on weekends


Address: Niiralankatu 32
City: Kuopio
ZIP code: 70600
Postal address: KUOPIO

Contact information

Name: Kotkankallion jousiampumarata
Phonenumber: 017 182 111