Pisa trails

Pisa trails

Pisa is a tree-covered hill located in Nilsiä, at the southern end of Lake Syväri. The highest point of the hill is 270.6 metres above sea level and around 170 metres from the surface of the lakes next to the hill. All the sides of the hill are very steep. The height of individual cliffs varies between 5 and 15 metres.

Pisa is a nationally valuable nature conservation area. The forests are mostly in their natural state, but there are also some processed forests in the area, particularly on the western side of the Pisanlampi pond.

The most important sights in the area include a stone marking the Treaty of Teusina located near an observation tower, on which Swedish and Russian diplomats once carved their marks, and a small cave known as Pirunkellari (“The Devil’s Cellar”), a site known from old folktales and beliefs.

Pisa has a total of 8.5 km marked trails. The trails are challenging, but climbing the hill has been made easier by adding stairs, guard rails and resting platforms. The scenery displayed from the observation tower makes the climb worthwhile. You can start on the trail towards Pisa from the Lastukoski or Salmenpelto parking area. The trails are marked with orange paint marks. You may not build a campfire in the nature conservation area, but there is a table and benches next to the observation tower. A hut maintained by the local village association, is located in Lastukoski, by lake Vuotjärvi, in the address Lastukoskentie 47. Campers can use the hut and the adjoining campfire site.


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