Niittylahti hiking trail

Niittylahti hiking trail

The hiking trail from Tonkkurimäki to Mustamäki joins the Niittylahti and Asuma areas. The hiking trail is around ten kilometres long. Two maintained lean-tos and an observation towers available to hikers are located along the trail. There is a beach and a beaching site in Niittylahti.


The hiking area located east of Kuopio along the Vehmersalmentie road. is one of Kuopio’s most significant outdoor and recreational areas. The local forests are popular among berry and mushroom pickers. The area is located around 40 km from Kuopio.

The Niittylahti farm was once owned by the famous Colonel Carl Lode, a hero of the Finnish War. He was immortalized as the Aged Lode in the Tales of Ensign Stål epic poem. The crown of one of the city’s most famous trees, a Scotch pine named after the Aged Lode (Ukko-Lode), has transported to the Tonkkurinmäki parking area from Lode’s old farm in Harjula. The Ukko-Lode pine continues to watch over passers-by in its former area of origin.

The Niittylahti-Asuma area covers around 900 hectares, of which the city owns around 700 hectares. The area includes two majestic nature conservation areas and impressive sceneries.

As the highest point of the area, the Tonkkurinmäki ridge dominates the landscape with its pine and spruce forests. The Mustamäki ridge has an observation tower displaying splendid views over Lake Kallavesi. The Mustamäki cliffs rise around forty metres above the Lake Mustajärvi surface, in some points soaring nearly vertically from the water.

These areas are significant geological sites as well as conservation areas thanks to their natural landscape and forest vegetation.

Small game hunting permits are sold to the area. The area is also used for moose hunting and different hunting trials for dogs, such as trials for hounds or barking up moose.



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