Vehmersalmi gym

Vehmersalmi gym

Vehmersalmi gym is located in the Vehmersalmi School.

The use of City of Kuopio sports and exercise venues until 31 October 2020

Karttula, Maaninka, Nilsiä, Riistavesi and Vehmersalmi gyms Locker rooms and washing facilities available.  See here for more instructions.

Opening hours

Mon – Sun at 7 – 22


Season’s pass for the gym costs €34.30 per year (incl. 10% VAT).

The season’s pass is valid since the date of purchase.

When you purchase the season’s pass, you must also pay a € 17.50 key deposit, which you will get back when you return the key.

Redeeming gym keys and season’s passes

Vehmersalmi library
Vehmersalmentie 27
+358 (0)44 718 2937


Address: Vehmersalmentie 27
City: Kuopio
ZIP code: 71310
Postal address: VEHMERSALMI

Contact information

Name: Vehmersalmen kuntosali
Phonenumber: 017 182 111