Lippumäki swimming pool gym

Lippumäki swimming pool gym

Opening hours

  • Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri klo 6-21 (washroom and changing room facilities available until 22:00)
  • Wed 8-21 (washroom and changing room facilities available until 22:00)
  • Sat-Sun 8-20 (washroom and changing room facilities available until 21:00)


The prices include 10% VAT
Gym entrance fee includes swimming

  • Single entrance fee €9.50 / discounted price €5.70
  • 10-entrance pass €89.50 / €59.50 / €54.00
  • 25-entrance pass €186.50 / €123.50 / €112.00
  • 50-entrance pass €298.00 / €197.00 € / €178.50

You also need to purchase the Heathy Kuopio bracelet the first time you get a series pass, cost €7.90 (incl. VAT 24%).

a new bracelet to replace the lost one €9.10.

The discount group includes those under 18 years old, students with a student card, conscripts and non-military servicemen, disabled people, pensioners, disability pension recipients, and unemployed people.

Did you know? You can also get a day or month pass that provides you with access to the sports hall services in Kuopio. For more information about sports passes and other sports cards, see the indoor sports page.


Please see here for instruction videos for gym equipment!


Address: Petosentie 8
City: Kuopio
ZIP code: 70820
Postal address: KUOPIO

Contact information

Name: Lippumäen uimahallin kuntosali
Phonenumber: 044 7182 591