Rajala air-raid shelter golf training facility

Golf training facility in the Rajala air-raid shelter

The golf training facility is located in the Rajala aid-raid shelter. The shelter also has a gym. You need separate passes to access the gym and the golf training facility.


Season’s passes for the golf training facility

  • adults € 29.70 (does not entitle holder to access the gym)
  • under 18 year olds, € 18.70 (does not entitle holder to access the gym)


The season’s pass is downloaded on the yellow Healthy Kuopio card, which you can redeem at the Lippumäki swimming pool and Kuntolaakso swimming pool customer service. The first time you purchase the card, you must pay a card fee of €7.90 (the money will not be paid back to you).

The season’s pass is valid since the date of purchase.

The card reader is in a box next to the door.


Address: Rajalantie
City: Kuopio
ZIP code: 70200
Postal address: Kuopio

Contact information

Name: Rajalan väestönsuojan golfin harjoittelupaikka
Phonenumber: 017 182 550

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