Rod fishing areas in Kuopio

The City of Kuopio own several ponds that are jointly referred to as rod fishing areas. You can fish in the rod fishing areas with a general fishing permit, which means that ice fishing and angling in the areas is free of charge. Those aged between 18 and 64 need to only pay the state’s fisheries management fee for lure fishing with a single rod (fishing reel & an artificial fly). Some of the rod fishing areas, including the Valkeinen pond near the city centre, the western side of Iso-Valkeinen, Kolmisoppi and Leväsenlampi, are subject to regular whitefish stocking measures. Salmon and even common sturgeons are stocked in the Valkeisenlampi pond near the city centre, also in connection with events. In addition to many traditional fish species, those angling on many of Kuopio’s ponds may also catch cyprinids big enough to break records.


Address: Keskeinen kaupunkialue
City: Kuopio
ZIP code: 70000
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