Fishing on Lake Kallavesi

Lake Kallavesi surrounds Kuopio. The city owned over 9,000 hectares of water bodies, most of them located near the city and the south Kallavesi archipelago. Fishing and ice fishing is permitted for free under a general fishing licence, but if you intend to fish with a fishing lure, you need to have paid a fisheries management fee. If you intend to use several rods or traps (a fishing net or trap), you need a permission from the owner of the water body, which the city sells for the areas under its ownership at: The City of Kuopio is also involved in the joint angling permits for lure fishing in the fishing industry areas located in Lake Kallavesi. These areas are located on both sides of the Kallasillat bridges and reach all the way to Maaninka and Puutossalmi.
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Address: Kaupungin vesialueet
City: Kuopio
ZIP code: 70000
Postal address: Kuopio

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Name: Kalastus Kallavedellä