Cross-country skiing tracks

Cross-country tracks in Kuopio

Kuopio’s cross-country skiing tracks total at up to 600 km. The tracks pass through varying and naturally beautiful terrain. They include both gentle and level tracks and more challenging routes with slopes. See below for more information about the tracks and a list of cross-country skiing tracks in Kuopio.

Ground rules for outdoor sports in Kuopio (in Finnish, pdf)

See the below link for a map of Kuopio’s cross-country skiing tracks and track info. The track info also includes information about the status of the tracks, i.e. when the tracks have been last maintained.

When can I go cross-country skiing? When are the skiing tracks maintained?

In addition to cross-country skiers, grooming machines are operated on the tracks. The main routes, the Puijo-Puijonsarvi and Jynkänvuori-Petonen tracks are maintained outside operating hours, when it is not snowing. The grooming machine location and place of storage dictate the time when the tracks are maintained.

After it has been snowing heavily, the terrain tracks are maintained first and the tracks on ice once the weather has calmed down. The cross-country skiing tracks located in the Puijo-Puijonsarvi area are always maintained as necessary.

If the temperature drops below -20 degrees Celsius, grooming machines may get broken. As a result, the tracks cannot be maintained in such cold weather. If freezing temperatures continue for a long period, the tracks are maintained according to wear and ice formation.

If the snow is wet, the tracks are maintained less often or not at all, if the weather with wet snow last for a short time. This is done so as to avoid the tracks freezing over. When wet conditions are followed by freezing weather, groomed snow tends to be difficult to work with and the tracks end up unpleasant to use.

Tracks on ice

Ice thickness is the most important factor for making skiing tracks on ice. The conditions on the ice, including freezing temperatures and snowfall, affect how the tracks can be maintained. On many winters, the maintenance of the tracks has been hindered by water on the ice. In January or early on during the skiing season, the maintenance has primarily taken place during weekends.

The places where people cross over the ice are maintained first. These places refer to short transfer routes between skiing tracks located on land, ice crossing over bays, such as the track section passing over a water body in the Niuvanranta – Tervaruukki track, the section passing the Särkiniemi -Rauhalahti water body, the Jynkkä – Jynkänvuori section passing over the Jynkänlahti bay. These sections can also be frozen if necessary.

Dog and walking tracks

Tracks for walking and that you can access with your dog are marked with separate signs and located close to the ice tracks in Kuopionlahti, Jynkänlahti, Särkilahti, Kirveslahti and Niuva beach.

Separate skiing with dogs on Mondays and Thursdays at 20-21 o’clock. Starting place is in Ala-Antikkala. Keep your dogs on a leash.
Dog sled team sessions are intended for practising sled dog sports, not for taking your dog for a walk. The length of the track is 4.3 km. See the map here (pdf, marked with dark blue and red lines —).

First snow track

Each year, before the actual skiing seasons starts, two first snow tracks are opened in Kuopio, one in Puijo and the other in Tahko. The tracks are built using snow collected the previous year and stored over the summer. The use of the first snow track before the start of the actual skiing season is subject to a fee.

Contact information

Track maintenance:
Kuopio, Vehmersalmi, Karttula:
Mestar – Manager
Hannu Parviainen
044 718 5014

Nilsiä, Maaninka, Juankoski:
Mestar – Maintenance manager
Hannu Koponen
044 718 5018

Track network development:
Mika Venäläinen
044 718 2516

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