Instructed Classes

Instructed exercise classes in Kuopio

The City of Kuopio provides versatile opportunities for instructed exercise. Are you looking to start a new hobby or need help including more physical activity to your daily life? See the course selection and find the right way for you to enjoy physical activity!

This page includes mostly sports and exercise services provided by the city’s sports instructors. The courses also include water aerobics classes and a link to the exercise course selection available at Kuopio Community College.

Sports instructors provide physical activity services to children and young people, people of working age with a sedentary lifestyle, older people, people with a long-term illness, and special groups. See below for the course selection and currently available exercise groups. See the bottom of this page for the contact information of the sports instructors.

The community college offers in-person exercise courses

Kuopio Community College offers versatile exercise courses for people of all ages. The course selection includes activities for both beginners and those looking for high-intensity workouts and challenges, as the courses range from body maintenance to kettlebell exercises. The courses are available in a large area covering the Kuopio and Northeast Savo regions, including outside urban areas.

Find out what we offer and browse the courses at the community college website by clicking on the links below!

Instructed exercise classes available for all

Children and young people

People of working age

Older people

Group exercise activities and beginners gym courses for older people

Group exercise activities for older people in Maaninka, Nilsiä, Juankoski, Riistavesi, Vehmersalmi, Karttula

Special groups

Loan exercise equipment from libraries

Sports instructors’ contact information

Laura Korhonen / Children and young people

Henna-Riikka Launonen / Working-aged people and sports counselling

Päivi Partanen / Special groups

Carita Randelin-Kauppinen / Older people

Petra Haverinen / Older people

Jyrki Tarvainen / Kuopio, Vehmersalmi, Riistavesi, Karttula

Maija Miettinen / Kuopio, Juankoski, Maaninka ja Nilsiä


See the News section for news and blog tests related to physical activity in Kuopio. The section includes information and tips on Kuopio’s sports venues and instructed exercise as well as other sports-related content.

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