Infant swimming

Note! All infant swimming courses will be instructed in finnish.


Infant swimming is a joint family playtime that takes place on the child’s terms.

The goal of infant swimming is to introduce the child to water in safe conditions and make children, and why not parents too, water lovers. The instructor helps the family get to know the newcomer’s temperamental traits and favorite activities and also provides instructions for independent activities in the water. At best, infant swimming is the beginning of a life-long joint hobby. In addition to the fact that during the first year of infant swimming, the child learns to enjoy water games, the child also has the opportunity to brush up on all his developing skills. Infant swimming can be started after the child is three months old and the weight should be at least 5 kg. Then the child’s awake time is long enough and he stays warm in water of at least 32 degrees. In Kuntolaakso, you can start baby swimming at the age of 3-12 months.

In Kuntolaakso, you can practice baby swimming on Saturday and Sunday mornings under the guidance of professionals trained by SUH (Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Association).

For swimming, a tight long-legged swimsuit is recommended for the baby. A swim diaper is not mandatory in Kuntolaakso’s baby swims.

New in Kuntolaakso:
The water beasts group is intended for 3-5 year old children and their parents.
At least one adult must be present for each participating child.
The group serves as a nice precursor to the swimming school hobby.
The aim of the course is to learn water skills through play.
You can register for the group without previous swimming experience.
The course includes a total of 8 course sessions.

Premature babies and special children must get a doctor’s permission to start infant swimming. Discuss infant swimming at the consultation and during the medical examination before starting swimming.

You can get more information from or phone 044 718 2520.

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