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Indoor sports venues in Kuopio

  • The use of Kuopio’s sports facilities and venues until 30 Nov 2020. You must follow instructions by THL and the Ministry of Education and Culture in all activities You should continue to pay special attention to ensuring safe distances and following instructions on hygiene. For pre-booked slots at the sports and exercise venues, clubs and/or sports associations must ensure safe training conditions. Sports clubs must make sure that the coaches of all teams using the venues are aware of national and the clubs’ own instructions.
    Studentia Gym open on weekdays at 8-20. Locker rooms and washing facilities available.
    School gymnasiums
    Workout slots in use.
    Locker rooms, toilets and washing facilities available.Kotkankallio and Rajala air-raid shelters
    Open daily at 6-22. Locker rooms and washing facilities available.Suurmäentie and Sammakkolammentie air-raid shelters
    The facilities continue to be available to contract users, similarly as in June and July.Karttula, Maaninka, Nilsiä, Riistavesi and Vehmersalmi gyms
    Locker rooms and washing facilities available.  See here for more instructions.Kuopio Hall – open weekdays at 7.45-21.00 (service desk and doors open until 20)
    – weekends open at 11.00-20.00 (service desk and doors open until 19)
    See here for more instructions.Kuntolaakso Swimming Pool
    – Mon to Fri at 6-20, facilities can be used until 20.30
    – Sat to Sun at 9-18, facilities can be used until 18.30
    Saunas available based on general instructions on the coronavirus outbreak. Water sports equipment available to customers. See here for more instructions.

    Eastern opening hours: friday 2.4. – monday 5.4.  9a.m. -17p.m.

    (Cashier open till 16 p.m. and swimming & gym time ends at 16.30 p.m.)

    Tahko Spa
    opening hours
    Lippumäki air dome
    Open for pre-booked regular sports activities. Locker rooms in maintenance building available.
    See here for more instructions.

    Outdoor sports venues
    Outdoor sports venues and their locker rooms are open, you mut follow general instructions on the coronavirus outbreak.

Enjoy a great variety of indoor sports around Kuopio and the rural areas of Juankoski, Karttula, Maaninka, Nilsiä, Riistavesi and Vehmersalmi. Here in Kuopio, people get to exercise in their own way, and everyone gets to find something they like.

See below for a list of different indoor sports and exercise venues. Find out what Kuopio offers on this page and find the right activity for yourself!”

Sports passes

Sport place reservations

All sports venue pages have an up-to-date Timmi calendar, which you can use to browse bookings and register as a user and search for venues and facilities during free slots (displayed as white). Instructions on registration and booking slots with the Timmi system.
Kuopio Hall, Kuntolaakso swimming pool, Niirala ice arena and Lippumäki synthetic ice rink are not included in the self-booking system.

Nb! Bookings of Kuopio Hall by email kuopiohalli(at) tai 017 182 554

Contact information
017 182 550
Valtuustotalo, Suokatu 42
70100 Kuopio

Open/telephone hours weekdays at 9-11 and 12-14

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See the News section for news and blog tests related to physical activity in Kuopio. The section includes information and tips on Kuopio’s sports venues and instructed exercise as well as other sports-related content.

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