City of Kuopio’s sports venues for feeling good

See this site for sports venues and facilities maintained by the City of Kuopio. We have also compiled the opportunities the city offers for instructed exercise on this site. Our goal is to provide residents with the greatest sports venues and facilities in Finland. We want to enable all kinds of people to enjoy exercise and have fun engaging in sports activities together with others. Here, staying active is a force of nature – let’s make the most of it and enjoy physical activities alone and together.

Please, see a video about Kuopio’s sports venues and especially Kuntolaakso swimming pool in English!


Kuopio has over 700 sports and exercise venues

You can engage in versatile hobbies and physical activities in Kuopio. Kuopio has over 700 sports venues and facilities that provide opportunities for physical activity indoors and outdoors, independently or with an instructor. The main thing is to enjoy what you are doing. We have compiled Kuopio’s sports venues into categories – browse them, find an activity you are interested in, and experience the joy of exercise!

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Current Issues

See the News section for news and blog tests related to physical activity in Kuopio. The section includes information and tips on Kuopio’s sports venues and instructed exercise as well as other sports-related content.